2021 DSA-LA Annual Convention – Bulletin #1

Convention is coming on October 16th!
Keep reading for Guidelines, Timeline, Information about Resolution Implementation, and more!

Our annual convention is when we come together as a chapter to decide on organizing priorities for the next year. Due to the uncertain state of the COVID crisis, our convention will be held online again this year. If you’re interested in helping to plan any aspect of the convention or assist during the convention itself, please email the Steering Committee at [email protected].

The Steering Committee is strongly recommending that the 2022 local convention be realigned to occur in the spring as it did prior to 2019 to avoid overlap with the National Convention every other year. Doing this may mean having another convention in less than a year so members should keep that in mind when proposing priority resolutions.

At each convention, members submit priority resolutions which help direct the work of our chapter. Priority resolutions are time-bound, large-scale chapterwide campaigns that require major chapter resources. The most effective priority resolutions have clearly outlined plans with actionable items that can engage members. Up to but no more than 3 priority resolutions may be approved. When submitting your proposal, please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Is it a winnable demand?

  • Does it create more socialists?

  • Does it build power?

In addition to priority resolutions, members may also submit amendments to our Bylaws and/or amendments to our Mission Statement and Organizational Priorities. All require a ⅔ supermajority to pass.


8/9/21: Submission period opens

9/8/21: Submission period closes at midnight.

9/11/21: All submissions will be shared with the membership for review.

This year, we’re going to experiment with having a period prior to convention where members can submit amendments to the original submissions for 7 days after the original submission period closes. Amendments may be considered friendly or hostile, meaning they may be accepted by the original authors prior to convention or they will be debated at convention. For these amendments, please consider the following:

  • Is the amendment in the spirit of what was originally written?

  • Does the amendment articulate the problem it is attempting to solve as well as the solution?

  • Does the amendment add to the original submission being a winnable demand, creating more socialists, or building power?

9/18/21: Submission period for amendments to original items closes at midnight.

9/20/21: Any amendments submitted will be shared with the membership and forwarded to authors of the original submissions.

*Also new this year, a Town Hall Debate will be held on 9/29/21 following submission of amendments. Original authors may accept amendments as friendly prior to the convention but must notify the Steering Committee of any changes to their original submissions by 9/30/21. It is our hope that by allowing a period for amendments and holding a Town Hall Debate prior to the convention, some disagreements may be settled earlier. We’re also hoping it will cut down on the amount of floor amendments at the convention. We’re trying our best to have a fully democratic debate that will hopefully not require a full 8 hours this year!*

10/2/21: Amended submissions will be shared with the membership

10/16/21: Convention

Submission guidelines:

Proposals for amendments to the DSA-LA Bylaws, Mission Statement and Organizational Priorities:

Per our current bylaws, proposed amendments must be made by written resolution and accompanied by 25 signatures of members in good standing and submitted to the Steering Committee via email ([email protected]) by midnight on 9/8/21. Submissions must include the following:

  • Article # and title of bylaws provision you wish to amend or add

  • Lead contact

  • Full names, emails, and phone numbers of 25 members in good standing who endorse the proposed amendment (can include lead contact)

  • Proposed in-line edits or additional text of the proposed amendment or organizational priority

  • Motivation for the amendment, not to exceed 500 words

Proposals for Priority Resolutions:
Each proposed resolution must be submitted to the Steering Committee via email ([email protected]) by 9/8/21 at midnight and must be accompanied by signatures of 25 members in good standing. Submissions must include the following:

  • Title of Priority Resolution

  • Lead contact

  • Full names, emails, and phone numbers of 25 members in good standing who endorse the proposed resolution (can include lead contact)

  • Proposed Chapter Resolution and Justification:

    • Component 1 (500 words max): Description of the Chapter Resolution, including a detailed timeline, and Local resources required. Local resources include, but are not limited to: chapter’s monetary resources, members’ monetary resources, member mobilization and time, political capital, and production of materials.

    • Component 2 (500 words max): Organizational Priorities with which this proposed resolution is aligned and motivation for the resolution.

    • Component 3: Identify relevant goals of applicable Committee and Working Group platforms, which this resolution supports and advances

Campaign Working Groups

Campaign Working Groups will be formed to guide and support the implementation of all resolutions that are passed. We recommend authors to keep this in mind and describe ways that each working group will work with existing bodies to make sure the resolution is implemented.

Each Campaign Working Group will be directed by the Steering Committee but will host open meetings for interested members to attend, learn about volunteer opportunities, and provide feedback. Its primary responsibility will be coordinating work across the different relevant bodies that are stakeholders in implementing each Priority Campaign. It will set some standards in line with chapter policy and resolution guidelines, but will not manage every detail of the way Branches or Committees choose to implement their Resolution responsibilities.

Thank you all for reading and we can’t wait to see you at our local convention!

-DSA-LA Steering Committee