Do you want to help build DSA into a strong organization? An organization where our members know, trust, and serve alongside each other? Then you should be a Branch Organizer!

In this exciting new role, you’ll be on the front lines of DSA: making Branch meetings happen, getting people involved in our campaigns, and building relationships that outlive individual projects. Fill out this form to express interest and learn more, or keep reading to learn about why we’re doing this.


In July, 2022, at the DSA Los Angeles Convention, members voted to make chapter Growth and Development a major focus for the coming year. The resolution that they approved (almost unanimously) involved several commitments to expand the capacity of our Branches to reach new and existing members and support them as they get involved with our socialist campaigns.

While the resolution listed several big goals, like introducing a new tech tool for organizing, expanding the onboarding pipeline, and surveying our entire membership, it left a lot of room for interpretation. Following convention, Steering Committee got to work and began a process to plan out the next steps with as much input from members and leaders as possible. A survey was circulated, asking key questions about members’ own experiences and perspectives. A few members were appointed to organize a “Growth and Development” working group within Admin Committee. Stakeholders from all Branches and relevant committees were brought together, and by early September, a clear plan was finalized.

In the current plan, work has been broken down into a few different phases.

  • First, by election day, we are building out resources and capacity to make sure that all new members get personally contacted as they join.
  • In November and December, we’ll start a conversation with everyone involved to talk about how to expand the pipeline beyond that initial outreach. (Adding extra orientation, definite follow up steps, etc.)
  • Beginning in January, we’re going to start having regular Branch meetings again, just like we did pre-pandemic. We’re also going to start working to expand the pipeline based on decisions made in the previous step.
  • In the Spring, if our Branches are healthy and self-sustaining, we’ll be ready to take the next step — directly connecting people to relevant labor circles, tenant organizing groups, or other relevant small groups to which they can belong.


This is where you come in! We already have scalable, regional bodies that are perfectly positioned to help make sure all members are engaged. Branches!

What we’ve lacked is a clear chapterwide program describing how members like you can get involved with your Branch to help build community by organizing Branch meetings and building relationships with other members.

So, in cooperation with leaders of all five Branches, we have defined a new “role” that any member can step into without getting overwhelmed. The “Branch Organizer”. This is the building block of our new plan to reach members. It’s a perfect position for any member who is interested in building DSA in general, whether or not you have any experience organizing any of our committees or campaigns.

If you’ve been around for a while, you may recognize that this sounds similar to previous attempts to let people become “Neighborhood Organizers” or “Neighborhood Captains”. We’ve learned from these past attempts and are incorporating those lessons into our new plan. If you were involved with past attempts, you may be excited to know that this time we’re starting out with more, clear documentation, and a whole host of resources (including mentors) to support you.

If this sounds interesting to you, fill out the form! Signing up is not a final commitment, it will just let your Branch Organizer know that you are interested and that they can reach out to talk to you about getting involved!