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Mission Statement

If you say the word “socialism” to the average American what do they think of? After decades of corporate and capitalist propaganda it’s probably something negative. While the door has been broken open for discussion around democratic socialist ideals, it is our obligation to change the narrative once and for all.

The DSA-LA Agitation and Propaganda (Agit-Prop) committee is dedicated to furthering the goals and work of DSA-LA and it’s committees and working groups. As democratic socialists we recognize that everyone is a product of the oppressive and capitalist system they were raised in, and that countering the narrative of the capitalist hegemony is a key step towards building a more just world. We acknowledge that mainstream media outlets on all sides are inherently antagonistic to anti-capitalist ideals and therefore the narrative around the work of our chapter and committees and working groups will not always be favorable or in our control and that effective agitprop is one of our best defenses against this.

We will utilize our expertise and the analysis of the committees to determine when it is best to use propaganda to agitate and when it is best to use it to educate and will make recommendations based on our expertise. We will determine who the intended audience is, how best to meet them where they are, and how to get the reaction out of them that we’re aiming for. Those with the time and skills will help educate and train other members to develop the experience necessary to get union jobs in this industry.


Committee Members

The isolation of capitalism is amplified in the entertainment industry where you are often pitted against your cohorts, contracts are short lived, and the general working environment can be hostile. We are dedicated to creating and inventing ways of co-operative production making that can demonstrate that productions need not be hostile environments. We will train our members in various skills so that they can get union jobs. This serves two purposes, the first is that it allow our members to live under capitalism with more dignity. The second is that it would provide an influx of leftist workers into entertainment industry unions thereby helping to make Hollywood the leftist hub it once was.

Other Committees/Working Groups

We will work with DSA-LA Committee and Working Groups to provide the materials they need both for external and internal outreach. We will work alongside them to conceptualize media ideas that will boost their campaigns, help spread their message, and win public support. 


We will work alongside the elected communications team and steering committee to promote the ideas and analysis of DSA-LA to the public at large. We recognize the power that agit-prop has in aiding recruitment and forging alliances as well as shaping how the general public views the org and will create content towards that end.

The LA Left

DSA-LA is known for it’s strong online presence and has distinguished itself through the agit-prop we have created. These are skills and resources that must be in service to the greater LA Left. We will donate our skills and resources to help our coalition partners, promote the work of the coalitions we are a part of, and tackle the capitalist narratives that hinders the work of all on LA’s left.


We understand that we are in a unique position to produce quality propaganda, due to our proximity to the Entertainment Industry, and our relentlessly unceasing desire to NEVER STOP POSTING. We also believe that good propaganda, much like good organizing, is grassroots in nature. What works in Los Angeles might not work in North Dakota. We do not believe in a top-down media strategy, instead we strive to empower all other locals to create the type of propaganda that works best in their communities. We will set up virtual trainings with chapters across the country to create robust production collectives, and when applicable, donate our labor and skills in facilitating their work.

Join the AgitProp Committee!