Approved unanimously by the Electoral Politics Standing Committee on April 20, 2021. Updated June 20, 2022 to add 2022 General Election calendar

From 2017-2020, most of our chapter’s electoral endorsements have been reactive, responding to candidates seeking our support. This work was critical for the development of our chapter and reflective of our capacity at the time.  Now in 2021, with over 5000 dues paying members across LA County, our chapter is large enough to survey the electoral field among our five Branches, intentionally seek out candidates to support, and be part of developing a winning campaign early.

By understanding our chapter’s priorities and our membership capacity, the Electoral Politics Committee has developed the following three-phase roadmap for our candidate endorsements for regularly scheduled elections in 2022, prioritizing races where we can have the most impact and ensuring that we do not miss electoral opportunities throughout LA County. This roadmap was informed by the Build a Bench resolution passed by DSA-LA membership in 2020 and the National Electoral strategy written by the DSA National Electoral Committee. 

Candidate announcements, redistricting, and changes in our chapter’s membership all may affect the proposed timeline, at the discretion of the Electoral  Committee and with the approval of the Steering Committee.  

All DSA-LA endorsements begin with and are ultimately approved by chapter membership.  For each endorsement sought by the membership, the Electoral Committee will continue to prepare briefs assessing the criteria described below and making recommendations to the membership, which will be presented at endorsement meetings. For more information on how to seek endorsement, see

Phase 1: August – October 2021

  • Races considered in Phase 1 of the endorsement process are DSA-LA’s highest priority races.  In addition to supporting viable socialist candidates for public office, a Phase 1 race must be integral to the growth and development of our chapter.  
  • Races considered in Phase 1 must meet the following criteria: DSA-LA’s participation can have meaningful impact on the outcome of the election, and a successful election will meaningfully increase our ability to pursue our policy agenda as defined in the Democratic Socialist Program for Los Angeles. 
  • Additionally, the race must either consider a candidate(s) that emerges from the chapter membership and the district must have significant DSA-LA member density, or the race must be in a district with high growth possibility for the chapter (ie, high-Bernie 2020 support, low DSA membership) where our early involvement could lead to significant increases in chapter membership.
  • Endorsements scheduled to be considered in Phase 1
    • Los Angeles City Council District 13

Phase 2: November 2021 – January 2022

  • Races considered in Phase 2 include those where our chapter could have significant influence in the outcome of the election, but where we have less membership density than races considered in Phase 1.
  • This phase is also where ballot measures, whether local or state level, may be considered.
  • Endorsements scheduled to be considered  in Phase 2
    • Los Angeles City Council races not considered in Phase 1
    • Other Los Angeles municipal, district-based races 
    • Other municipal races outside of the City of Los Angeles
    • State Legislature races (pending the completion of redistricting)

Phase 3: January – February 2022

  • The final phase of our endorsement process will consider all remaining races regularly scheduled for 2022. These races include those where a DSA-endorsed victory would not result in significant tangible gains for DSA-LA or the organized left, or where our chapter’s ability to impact the outcome of the election is low. Reasons for this include, but are not limited to, being a relatively junior coalition partner or the office itself not having major leverage over issues in our platform.
  • Endorsements scheduled to be considered in Phase 3
    • All US Congressional races
    • All Los Angeles citywide races
    • All Statewide officer races
    • All Los Angeles County supervisorial and countywide races
    • At the discretion of the Electoral Standing Committee, other races scheduled for previous phases for which endorsements have not already been determined may be considered in Phase 3

Phase 4: July 2022

  • Following the 2022 Primary, DSA-LA will consider priority electoral campaigns for all races scheduled for the 2022 November general election ballot.
  • The deadline to submit petitions and questionnaires motivating an electoral campaign in 2022 is July 22, 2022.