Help DSA Elect More Socialists to LA’s 99 Neighborhood Councils!

Los Angeles has a system of 99 neighborhood councils comprised of unpaid volunteer elected officials who represent their neighborhoods to the city council. The system was established in 1999 in part as a way to placate a secession movement by wealthy white NIMBYs in the San Fernando Valley. Despite the diversity of neighborhoods represented across the many councils today, by design, the system continues to benefit the interests of profit-seeking real estate developers and business owners. Because of this fragmented system, progressive neighborhood leaders fighting for working class power in their neighborhood councils don’t stand a chance.

We’re going to change that.

More than one hundred DSA members are running in the upcoming neighborhood council elections–with a commitment to work together and advocate for the large-scale and citywide policies and budgets that benefit working class Angelenos.

We’re fighting for a people’s budget to defund the police, compassionate support for our unhoused neighbors, protections for renters against eviction, sidewalks that are actually walkable, bike lanes that are not used as marketing tools for real estate developers, improved bus service, a fair COVID-19 vaccine rollout, ending displacement from gentrification, and so much more.

It’s going to take all of us to do this.

Participation in Neighborhood Council elections, as a candidate or as a voter, is open to all Angelenos regardless of party affiliation, citizenship status, or incarceration history. The 99 neighborhood councils are divided into 12 “regions” that have different election schedules — look up when your elections are happening by clicking here.

Join us in this fight to organize our neighborhoods block-by-block, starting with the following actions:

Click here to look up your neighborhood council. You are a stakeholder in any neighborhood where you live, work, pray, or volunteer.

Click here to request a ballot to vote in your neighborhood council(s) through the city clerk portal. Or you can also fill out this sheet and submit by email.

Click here for info on how to become a neighborhood council candidate and fill out our form if you want to talk one on one with a DSA organizer about running in your neighborhood or helping other DSA members with their campaigns.

Click here to join the Electoral Politics Committee mailing list and visit the DSA-LA calendar page for details on events and meetings.

The DSA members listed below are running for neighborhood council seats on slates across LA and have pledged to fight for our democratically-decided socialist values. Are you a DSA member running for a neighborhood council seat? Questions? Get in touch with us over email at

Hollywood United
Bianca Cockrell (Business B)
Theresa Gio (Renter A)
Estefany Pereyra (Geo Area 5)
Shauna Frenté (Geo Area 1)
Michael Bundick (Renter C)
Caroline Johnson (Geo Area 4)

Hollywood Hills West
Sara Steffan (Housing Chair)

Hollywood Studio District**
Laura Graves (Resident 3)**
Senator Zavala (Resident 7)**

James Saucedo (At Large)
Marissa Ayala (At Large)
Mustafaa Tajuddin (At Large)

Central Hollywood
Matthew J. Singer (At Large)

East Hollywood
Christopher Martinez (At Large B)
Andoni Elias Nava (Tenant Rep)
Jillian Schultz (Property Owner)
Nina Suarez (At Large A)
Skylar Summers (NH 6: Virgil Village)

Greater Wilshire
Raphie Cantor (Business Rep)
Bailey Benningfield (Renter Rep)
Juan Portillo (Area 12)

Mid City West
Roxanne Arvizu (Zone 7)
Tee Mitchell (Nonprofit)
Barbara Gallen (Zone 6)
Xander Wikstrom (Renters)
Jenny Morataya (Business)

Westlake South
Roderick Hall (Resident)

Wilshire Center Koreatown
Abril Dozal (Community Org)
Samuel Sukaton (Community)
David Roud (Community)
Arun Ravendhran (Community)
Elizabeth Isralowitz (Community)
Raquel Martinez (Community)
Angie Brown (At Large)
Lilian Ramos (At Large)
Jose Ruiz (Sub Dist 5)
Kristina Wong (Sub Dist 5)
Lynn “Jeong” Stransky (Business)
Lorenzo De Felitta (Young Adult)

Downtown LA
Peter Clune (Area Wide)
Kevin Varzandeh (Area Wide)
Austin Pryfogle (At Large)
Kevin Dieterle (Historic Core)
Michelle Duffie (Center City East)
Pablo Fontoura (Historic Core Resident)
Kate Gallagher (Fashion Dist Business)

Olympic Park
Eddie Robinson (East At Large)

Echo Park
Mansoor Khan (At Large)
Jennifer Saparzadeh (At Large)
Katie Hatlestad (At Large)
Dan Mancini (At Large)
Jeremy Bowditch (Dist 1)
Mark Vigeant (Dist 2)
Luke McGowan (Dist 4)
Kirsten Judson (Dist 5)
Emil DeRosa (Dist 6)

Elysian Valley Riverside
Christine Louise Mills (At Large)
Julie Sharron (At Large)
Edward/Shaun Bandrowski (At Large)

Atwater Village
Spike Friedman (North Atwater)
Aparna Kumar (Community Group Rep)
Alexander P. Davis (Central Atwater)
Sam Alper (At Large)

Silver Lake
Ben Cassorla (Region 2)
Maebe A. Girl (At Large)
Albert Andrade (At Large)
Andy Tagliasacchi (they/them) (Region 4)
Arden Grier (At Large)
Ryan Moore (Region 5)
Xanthe Scheps (Region 5)
Carolyn Jiyoung Park (Region 2)
Ethan McQuerrey (Region 7)
Dulce Stein (At Large)
Daniel Weidlein (Region 7)
Seth Copenhaver (Region 3)
Seth Gottesdiener (At Large)

Los Feliz
Anthony Davanzo (Recreation)
Lane McFaddin (District C)
Jason Corum (District B)
Molly Prather (District E)
Daniel Neilan (District A)
Danny Rocco (Health and Safety)

Historic Highland Park
Scott Jackson (At Large)
Albert Ching (At Large)
Duncan Gregory (At Large)
Shanna Oskin (At Large)
Ramona Mikelson (Arts Director)
Theresa Saso (Homelessness Director)
Ghazal Hashemi (Housing Director)
Samantha McBride (Public Safety Director)
Cate Roberts (Business Director)

Glassell Park
Blake Salzman (At Large)
Jon Jandoc (At Large)
Sara Reihani (At Large)

Greater Cypress Park
Mack Hill (At Large)
Ash Kramer (At Large)
Bryan Kramer (At Large)

Boyle Heights
Johnny Echavarria (District 1)

Courtney Davison (Community Interest)

Arroyo Seco
Drew Paonessa (At Large)
Jennifer Bass (Mt. Washington)
Madeline Vaiden (Sycamore Grove)
Jessica Brennan (Sycamore Grove)

Yvonne Yen Liu (Corresponding Sec)
Alexander T. Kirkpatrick (Recording Sec)
Erika Crenshaw (At Large Regional)
Graco Hernandez (East Region)

Evelyn Jimenez (At Large)

Mission Hills
Ronnie Veliz (At Large)

Josue Guajan Orellana (At Large)

Granada Hills South
George Karam (At Large)
Chantal Serrano (At Large)

Geoffrey Williams*

Woodland Hills-Warner Center
Sam Evans (At Large)
Leslie Simon (Area 6 Resident)
Kathleen Barth (Area 2 Resident)

West Hills
Thomas Booth (At Large)
Justin Herschel (At Large)
Kayson Verne (At Large)
Olivia “Julie” Naturman (At Large)
Robert Naturman (At Large)
Aveista Helmandi (At Large)

Sherman Oaks
Ally Castañeda (Area 5 Resident)

Elizabeth Chapman (At Large)
Jason Smalls

Anat Indig-Peddicord (At Large)
Marvin Chowdhury (Business)

Logan Rees (District 1 Resident)
Catherine Quach (District 4 Resident)
Adam Goldberg (District 3 At Large)

North Hollywood Northeast
Will Gaines (Community Org)

Greater Valley Glen
Rishab Nathan (At Large)
Skyler Terrebonne (At Large)
Daniel Lopez (At Large)

North Westwood
Andrew Lewis (General Residential)

Studio City
Shelby Eggers (Residential Renters)
Griffin Faye (At Large)

Van Nuys
Robert Edmiston (Resident Zone 3)

Valley Village
Mitchell Fiebernitz (Renter Rep)

Greater Toluca Lake
Brandt Goodman (At Large)

Estuardo Mazariegos (Comm Org)
Sally Embrey (Area 1)

Davona Watson (Corresp Sec)

Mid City
Abbey Springer (At Large)
Laura Rhinehart (At Large)

West Adams
John Ma
Ramey Ward
Thomas Murray

North Area NDC
Cindy Gaete (At Large)
Joel Vaca (Area 1)
Sophia Hernandez (Area 3 Rep)
Mia Ross (Area 3 Rep)
Andrew Ryu (Secretary)
Jonathan Antonio (Vice President)
Garrett Humble (President)

United Neighborhoods
Carla Lupita Rowley (Area 1)
Sarah Lacy (Area 5)


Bel Air-Beverly Crest
Dana Kitchens

Del Rey
Jasmine Delgado (Secretary)
Theresa Gamache (Area A)
Alejandro Arroyo (Communications)

Mar Vista
Robin Doyno (At Large)
Derl Claussen (At Large)
Bitta Sharma (At Large)
Mary Beth “M.B.” Blakey (At Large)
Lisabeth Ryder (At Large)
Francisco Espinosa (At Large)
Greg Bartlett (At Large)
Harrison Hopkins (Zone 2)
Andrew Swindell (Zone 3)
Ben Warga (Zone 5)
Faith Myhra (Zone 7)

Jackson Guze (Area B)
Grace Hancock (Area A)

South Robertson
Emilia Barrosse (At Large)
Olga Lexell (Zone 1)
Chad Monk (Zone 7)

Dylan Eli Purvis (Community Interest)
Lisa Redmond (At Large)
Miguel Bravo (At Large)
Christopher Lee (At Large)
Jake DeFeo (At Large)

Alfredo Hernandez (At Large Seat 1)

Harbor Gateway North
Micah Silver (Outreach)

Northwest San Pedro
Anealia Neal Kortkamp (Averill Rep)

* Selection process, which differs from election process. Email us for more information!
Election canceled — ran unopposed.