For Immediate Release:

Democratic Socialists of America – Los Angeles announces full participation in the DSA100k Membership Drive.


Why Recruit?

As the largest socialist organization in the country, DSA has become the primary destination for an increasing number of self-selecting and highly-motivated people to get involved in the fight against neoliberal capitalism. But as a mass-movement oriented organization, DSA recognizes the need to expand beyond its current base – which is not always demographically representative of the communities in which the organization works – in order to increase in number and win material gains for the working class.

Recruiting is a way to accomplish the following:
  • To develop members’ skills at relational organizing
  • To expand the base
  • To build more power and influence for the working class
  • To explicitly invite people from underrepresented communities like BIPOC and LGBTQ+ to have a seat at the table

What is the DSA100k Drive?

At the 2019 DSA national convention, delegates from around the country set the ambitious goal of growing the organization to 100,000 members by 2021. In line with that goal, the organization’s national Growth and Development Committee has developed a national dues drive, to run from October 1st through November 7th.

The core component of the national dues drive is the “DSA 100k Pledge,” which all members are encouraged to take. The pledge involves identifying three people whom the member thinks would be willing to join DSA if asked. Each person who takes the pledge will be provided with a custom link to share with friends, family, and coworkers!

Using this system of tracking links and registration data, a leaderboard will display the efforts of individual members as well as chapters. Members are further incentivized to participate by the offer of a limited-edition DSA hat to the first 500 people to reach their goal of recruiting 3 members, as well as other “swag” items to members reaching the goal later.

How Will DSA Los Angeles Participate?

The national goal is to recruit 5,000 new members. Every chapter is challenged to increase their membership by 10%. For DSA-LA, the second largest chapter in the country (with just over 3,000 members,) that would mean recruiting more than 300 people.

Coming off of a year where our chapter’s membership has more-than-doubled, we believe that we can surpass this. So, the chapter is challenging itself to stretch for the goal of 500 recruits during this drive.

In order to support members in this goal, the chapter will take a number of steps, including:
  • Hosting a local training on having 1-on-1 conversations to ask people to join (Join on October 7th!)
  • Promoting national trainings and resources
  • Discussing the drive at all chapter events for the duration of the drive
  • Requesting and sharing inspiring member recruitment stories

What Steps Should Members Take To Support The Drive?

Every member is encouraged to complete the “DSA 100k Pledge and think of three people they know who are sympathetic to the ideals of democratic socialism and would be interested in joining a mass organization to build anticapitalist power. Members should feel empowered to post about DSA on social media and to tell their own stories of why they joined. Finally, members should challenge other members they know to get involved with the drive and help DSA Los Angeles grow!

For those who are interested in learning more about how to talk to people about DSA, the chapter is hosting a training on having successful 1-on-1 conversations on October 7th! Click Here to register.


A better world is possible, and DSA Los Angeles is excited to welcome a new wave of people who aren’t willing to settle for voting for the lesser of two evils as the extent of their political engagement.

If you are a member, go take the pledge!