Join DSA-LA in electing Fatima Iqbal-Zubair to California State Assembly!

In Phase 2 of our endorsement process, DSA-LA voted to endorse Fatima Iqbal-Zubair for California State Assembly – District 65. Fatima is an active DSA-LA member, mother, and teacher, who will fight to bring a Green New Deal to California, tax the rich, and be a part of a government that responds to the needs of working class people up and down the state.

Fatima’s campaign for State Assembly offers an incredible opportunity for DSA Los Angeles: have a part in building a growing leftist bloc in the California state assembly in 2022 and beyond, to activate members across AD 65, and to keep building coalitions with labor, environmental, and broad social justice campaigns across Los Angeles County.

That’s why DSA-LA is running a socialist election campaign to support Fatima. We want to get Fatima elected, build chapter capacity and membership, train new organizers and leaders, and bring more socialists together to build a California for everyone! Join us! Sign up here.

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