DSA-LA’s YDSA Summer School is a series of organizer trainings and political education sessions by and for members of the Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) across Los Angeles. This summer’s theme is “Strike School: How Collective Action Gets the Goods.” If you study or work on a campus in LA you should sign up—no experience required! RSVP for our first political education session here.

Strike School: How Collective Action Gets the Goods

Organized labor plays a central role in socialist strategy, but general public knowledge about labor unions and their relationship to social change remains low. The purpose of the political education component of this Summer School is to provide a basic overview of unions, strikes, and how we as socialists fit into the picture. 

The first session, What is a Union?, covers how a union works, what a union does, and why we, as socialists, should care about them. The second session, How Does a Strike Work?, uses the Winnipeg General Strike as an example of the mechanics of a strike, and will also provide an opportunity to help us think through the reasons why we no longer see the same degree of labor militancy as we saw in the first half of the 20th century. Our final session—The Return of the Strike!—takes the LA Teachers Union’s 2019 strike as an example of the resurgence of labor militancy in the U.S. 

While each session has assigned reading, these readings are quite short. You should be prepared to discuss these readings in breakout groups. 

Alongside these political education sessions are organizer trainings geared toward people who are newer to socialist organizing, although anyone is welcome to come. Our first session will help us workshop 1-on-1 organizing conversations, which function as the cornerstone to socialist and labor organizing. Our second session teaches you the fundamentals of running a successful meeting. 

Note: Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, all sessions will take place on Zoom. 

Political Education
Part I: What is a Union? // Tuesday, August 11 at 5pm

Part II: How Does a Strike Work? // Tuesday, August 18 at 5pm 

Part III: The Return of the Strike! // Tuesday, August 25 at 5pm 

Organizer Trainings
Part I: 1-on-1 Organizing Conversations // Sunday, August 16 at 4pm 

Part II: How to Run a Meeting // Sunday, August 23 at 4pm

Questions? Contact Michael Stenovec, YDSA Coordinator of DSA-Los Angeles, at michael.organizer.email@gmail.com

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