Culver City Council Member and Vice Mayor Daniel Lee is running in the March 2 special election for Senate District 30, the seat recently vacated when Holly Mitchell was elected to the L.A. County Board of Supervisors. Daniel is campaigning on a statewide Medicare for All program; housing for all; urgently addressing the climate crisis and environmental racism, a just transition away from fossil fuels; and divesting our state’s public pensions from corporate slumlords and fossil fuel polluters.

Daniel’s campaign and our endorsement mark important opportunities not only to elect one of our comrades to the state senate, but also to continue building our movement, especially in our recently formed South Central/Inglewood Branch, which overlaps with much of Senate District 30.

Daniel’s primary opponent and the Democratic Party’s preferred candidate in this race, Assembly Member Sydney Kamlager (District 54), endorsed Mike Bloomberg for president in 2020. She also served as a campaign surrogate on the Women for Mike National Leadership Council, a damage control operation for the racist, misogynistic, billionaire former Mayor of New York City. 

As an Assembly Member, Kamlager has voted against or absent on rent control, just cause eviction protections, public banking, and bills to regulate dialysis clinics and health insurance companies. She authored a bill to fast track the construction of a new sports arena in Inglewood with minimal public input.

Though the opposition is very powerful, if we all work together our movement will be powerful enough to beat special interests this election March 2nd.

Here’s what you can do to get involved: