Fatima Iqbal-Zubair for California Assembly District 64

“Having served the Watts community as a teacher-leader in a public high school, I have been privileged to be in the midst of the power of this unique, resilient and talented community. I have also been exposed to the many challenges my students and their families face. As I began expanding my community work outside of the school community, I have been heartbroken to learn that the needs of this brave community and district (one of the poorest in California) are not met by our current State representative. To ensure that the families of this district may fulfill their highest potential, I realized that I need to step up my fight and leave the classroom to become their fiercest advocate in Sacramento.”
 —  Endorsement statement from Fatima Iqbal-Zubair

Fatima received DSA-LA’s endorsement on August 3, 2020.

In the March 3 primary election, Fatima ranked second behind incumbent Assemblymember Mike Gipson. Despite major disadvantages in fundraising and name recognition, Fatima received 32% of the primary vote to Gipson’s 67%, with 20,000 votes between them. California’s open primary system sends the two highest vote-earners to the general election, regardless of party, allowing Fatima a runoff against Gipson on the November 3 ballot.

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Member Statements in Favor of Endorsing Fatima

These statements appear in the order submitted

Submitted by Elliot Avila

We need to build power

Endorsing Fatima’s campaign provides DSA an opportunity to gain an electoral foothold in CA.

Gipson is a cop who is corporate backed, and we need to empower the citizens of AD 64 to build power for their neighborhoods. We can develop a DSA-LA branch, and can fulfill our O4A resolution to diversify our chapter, and adequately support Black Liberation struggles via the election of conscious Black leaders to elected office, and mutual aid support to our comrades most affected by Capitalism. We need to take risks to win, and Fatima is the best poised to unseat the incumbent. DSA-LA has the capacity to exponentially grow Fatima’s outreach and campaign support via our outreach channels, and our connections with local unions. Fatima is new to running for office, and our endorsement would provide her campaign access to our support structure that can mold her into a strong consistent socialist who we can hold accountable once in office. Her position also offers us the unique capacity to power map the California Assembly, and expand our electoral political power.

Submitted by Farimaraz Arahmand

“I realized that I need to step up my fight and leave the classroom to become their fiercest advocate in Sacramento.”

Submitted by Brandon Rey Ramirez

A Partner in Racial and Economic Justice

DSA-LA should emphatically endorse and support Fatima Iqbal-Zubair for Assembly District 64.

I’ve had the privilege of personally getting to know Fatima over the past few months. She’s earnest, thoughtful, and unapologetically progressive. What’s most unique is her sincere desire to learn the intricacies of DSA-LA’s inner workings and gain new perspectives and knowledge from our membership. Fatima has enthusiastically engaged with how we can help our chapter build and grow to be more representative of the working class and more active South of the 10 – she too identifies her campaign as a vehicle for South Bay and South Central branch development.

Beyond personality and base-building strategy, Fatima has good politics! Not only will she be identified as a democratic socialist, but at the heart of her anti-capitalist proposals is a consistent call to dismantle systemic racism. Fatima plans to combat the environmental racism facing Black and Latinx constituents by banning fracking, making public transit free, and ensuring a just transition for workers in the green economy. In education, she will fight for massive reallocation for funding equity in Black and Latinx school districts. We can trust that any Medicare for All proposals in Sacramento will have a bold voice addressing racial disparities in health care – we know this because her campaign converted to a mutual aid project during COVID-19, speaking to voters about their experiences with Coronavirus daily.

It’s rare that DSA-LA has the opportunity to support a candidate who matches our values and vision for a better world. Fatima will be a partner in Sacramento and a fierce advocate for a multi-racial working class. Let’s get to work.

Submitted by Staci O’Neal-Robinson

Let’s get an DSA-LA member into the State Assembly!

Our endorsement can not only help build socialist power in state government but also help grow our numbers in the South Bay area

Fatima is a strong candidate with democratic socialist politics. This race will be tough but it’s winnable. She is excited about our chapter’s efforts to organize in the South Bay and by endorsing her, we can engage more current and potential members. Members in our Westside Branch have also expressed support of this campaign so I think as a chapter, we have the bandwidth to take this on. We need someone like Fatima in Sacramento.

Submitted by Erin O’Neal-Robinson, Co-Chair, DSA-LA Electoral Politics Committee

DSA-LA should endorse Fatima Iqbal-Zubair

Fatima is a candidate we need to invest in.

Fatima Iqbal-Zubair was first brought through the endorsement process during the primary cycle for 2020 and unfortunately the Chapter was unable to endorse at that time due to the Chapter’s bandwidth already being stretched thin. We had hoped at the time that she would make it to the runoff so that we could re-evaluate for the general election. She made it and in fact got more votes in the primary against the incumbent than any other challenger has in years. In the time between the primary and the general election, Fatima’s campaign shifted into a mutual aid network for her community. Not to self-promote but to help people any way she could. Members of our Mutual Aid Committee got involved with Fatima’s efforts and were nearly unanimous in their support to restart the endorsement process for the general election. In speaking with members of both Mutual Aid and the Westside Branch, it was clear to me that Fatima had inspired more than enough members of DSA-LA that we would have enough people ready to get to work and help her win.

AD64 is an area of LA that is disproportionately affected by capitalism and assaulted by environmental racism. There are 585 oil and gas wells in Carson alone. Low birth weights are more common and infant mortality is higher than in the rest of Los Angeles County. Portions of AD64 have the highest rates of diabetes in all of LA while the incumbent routinely abstains from legislation to improve oversight and care from the dialysis centers that heavily contribute to his election campaigns. If DSA-LA isn’t going to back an inspiring candidate in an area of Los Angeles that is having their lives traded for some fossil fuel company’s profit then we really need to consider what we are even trying to do here. Fatima is a fantastic candidate that DSA-LA should support now and invest in as a partner for the long run.

Submitted by Aaron W

In Favor of a Fatima Endorsement

The Fatima Iqbal-Zubair candidacy presents a valuable organizing and activating opportunity for BIPOC members and prospective members to DSA-LA.

With Fatima Iqbal-Zubair‘s prospective district encompassing the historically Black and Latinx neighborhoods of South LA and the South Bay, this campaign presents a golden opportunity to engage and activate BIPOC and Latinx members and prospective members of the chapter, and build out an immediate organizational base for the proposed South LA/South Bay Branch.

Submitted by Jamie Penn

Full support

Fatima Iqbal-Zubair is a Democratic Socialist.

I am very excited for Fatima Iqbal-Zubair and her campaign. This is a candidate that we need to support however we can. District 64 is in desperate need of a grassroots movement to combat the corrupt stranglehold the oil industry has over the local politics and DSA-LA should help in any and every way we can to aid her in that fight.

Submitted by Jacqueline Hernandez

Progressive candidates in local government

Fatima is a progressive candidate dedicated to her community’s needs.

Fatima Iqbal-Zubair is a candidate that can help push the progressive movement forward. She has dedicated time in her community and understands their needs. She understands her opponents as well as those who want to advance a corporate agenda in her jurisdiction, with that said, she has shown she is for the Green New Deal and given that the South Bay has fracking she opposes these methods and improves the environment of her community. We need to fill seats in our local government which will help promote more progressive people in other localities and she shows her commitment to also demonstrate to her jurisdiction just why progressives are important to elect.