Konstantine Anthony for Burbank City Council At-Large

“I am autistic, and I’ve been homeless. In 2004, I moved to Burbank to work in film and television. Since that time, I’ve become involved in disability advocacy, housing justice, and workers’ rights. During my campaign, I pledge not to take donations from corporations, corporate PACs, property developers, realtors, landlords, fossil fuel executives, or police associations. I would like to offer my life experience in service to the city of Burbank. With my passion and dedication, I will be a valuable public servant.”
 —  Endorsement statement from Konstantine Anthony

Konstantine received DSA-LA’s endorsement on August 3, 2020.

This will be the first year for Burbank City Council elections to coincide with a November general election. Burbank City Council elections are all conducted in at-large races, allowing all eligible voters in the city to cast ballots for Konstantine.

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Member Statements in Favor of Endorsing Konstantine

Submitted by Erin O’Neal-Robinson, Co-Chair, DSA-LA Electoral Politics Committee

DSA-LA should endorse Konstantine Anthony.

Konstantine Anthony is the DSA Member we’ve been waiting for.

During my time in DSA-LA there have been a lot of questions when it comes to candidates running as DSA members and the one sentiment expressed the most is how great it will be when someone who is an active member of our Chapter is ready to run for office. Konstantine Anthony is that DSA member. In all the candidate interviews I have been party to I have never heard anyone speak with the level of clarity that Konstantine does about how capitalism has affected their lives and what socialist policies and tactics they have used to fight back. It’s easy for someone to identify a problem caused by capitalism but it is quite another to chart a path that attacks those problems in a coalition-building manner that navigates the system as it is. Konstantine has shown me over the last few months that he has put in years of work, testing and trying a system that has conspired to limit his life and the lives of others as it saw profitable.

When this process first started, I was doubtful that DSA-LA had enough members in the Burbank area or in the Valley Chapter that would turn out to do the work necessary to win this seat. Having been involved in the Bernie Working Group, I have had a front seat to the challenges an extremely popular campaign faces and thought that this campaign, if endorsed, would face a self-defeating lack of member engagement. By the end of this process, however, I have had several conversations with others who found themselves as inspired by Konstantine’s campaign as I was and are willing to commit to working on the Konstantine Working Group, should he be endorsed by the chapter.

The Electoral Politics committee has been deciding strategy for the last year around the concept of “Building the Bench” for DSA-LA. Simply put, we think the way to build socialist power in Los Angeles is to focus our resources on getting as many socialists’ elected to local and state offices that we can. Getting Konstantine Anthony elected to the city council in a town where voters have repeatedly voted for the socialist policies they know will improve their quality of life and had those calls be largely ignored by their current city council presents an opportunity to put socialist policy to work and build socialist power where people might least expect it.

Submitted by Staci O’Neal-Robinson

We’ve got to build our bench!

Konstantine is an energetic, inspiring candidate and an open and outspoken socialist who deserves our support.

I would encourage everyone to watch the recording of the candidate Q&A session because it is truly inspiring to hear Konstantine speak. He is passionate about socialism and uses his lived experience to connect with constituents. He has expressed a desire to appoint DSA-LA members to key positions and believes in our mission to build socialism across LA County. I think this is a great opportunity to engage our San Fernando Valley branch members as well as build power with working class folks in Burbank. (There are 20 union halls located in Burbank!) I know we already have several members outside of the Burbank area who have been so inspired by listening to Konstantine speak that they’ve pledged to help out with his campaign. We have the resources to invest in this campaign and it would really be a shame if we didn’t endorse such an outstanding socialist candidate.

Submitted by Cory Doctorow

The DSA should endorse Konstantine Anthony

Anthony is an experienced and effective community organizer who understands the local and global issues that Burbank council can and should address

Anthony has a long and distinguished career as an effective community organizer, activist and local political force in Burbank, a unionized city in crisis, thanks to budget issues, institutional racism (it was a sundown town!), NIMBYism, neglected tech infrastructure and lax eviction laws. Anthony works to mobilize diverse coalitions of solidarity.

Submitted by Danny Ducker

Support for Konstantine from an LA animator

Burbank is a hub for workers who believe in progress, Konstantine Anthony can help make that happen

I’m not a resident of Burbank, but I do live just to the east in Glendale and for the past 5 years have worked at a number of the many animation studios that are headquartered in Burbank. Policy decisions in the city affect me both as a neighbor and as someone who commutes for work. Konstantine excites me as a candidate, and he seems like the sort of advocate for progressive causes that Burbank desperately needs. My neighbors need better tenant protections, resources for the unhoused, divestment from police, safer streets for pedestrians and cyclists, support for small businesses against rising rents and the infestation of chain stores and restaurants, and so much else. Burbank needs Konstantine Anthony!