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DSA-LA continues to welcome new comrades to our shared struggle, and while many new socialists are familiar with our popular, contemporary demands (e.g. Green New Deal, Housing for All, etc.), not all new radicals have had a chance to discuss and learn about how these demands fit into our ultimate emancipatory political horizon in addition to mitigating the present depredations of capitalism.

With that said, the DSA-LA Political Education Committee is proud to present our Night School for the spring & summer of 2023, Class Struggle and Socialist Strategy.

The 5-part study syllabus includes an introduction to and an examination of various terrains of class struggle: the workplace or points of production, campaigns for decommodified public goods, electoralism, and consciousness raising.

Join the DSA-LA Political Education Committee for our class, Socialist Strategy for Decommodified Public Goods. The struggle for socialism is to fight the commodity form — things that secure us the necessary means to live, but only if we sell ourselves (our labor; our time; our bodies) as well. Only through toil are we allowed to have our most basic necessities met; housing, healthcare, education, food. Our task then, is to communize consumption; to demand the unmetered provision of basics that should be ours by right. This module explores some of the different methods socialists have deployed to achieve that aim.

We will be meeting over Zoom. Please RSVP for the link.

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