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Greetings Climate Action Committee Members,

Climate Justice Committee Monthly Meeting

Please join our Monthly meeting the first Saturday of every month.
10:30 am – noon
Please RSVP with this link:

Climate Justice Committee Weekly Discussion Series

Committee Member Eric Rehder is organizing a weekly discussion series to build solidarity amongst committee members. This would be a place to engage with each other politically and talk about climate justice issues and do it face to face. We will identify interesting and important articles to discuss, maybe book chapters as well.

The goals are:
  • Establish personal connections between people by meeting weekly and face to face.
  • Meet safely outdoors with all fully vaccinated people
  • Weekly meetings to allow people to come and go as they are able to attend
  • Discuss articles as well as book chapters to gain a greater understanding of issues and a joint understanding to help us to work together
  • Emphasize readings to explore issues raised through our actions
  • Gain experience in speaking and chairing in a low stress setting
Our goal is to keep it relaxed. Attendance will vary without a big commitment, but Eric will commit to anchoring them weekly. We would have someone introduce the reading and then discuss. We expect these meetings to be an hour with people sticking around further if they’d like.

Interested in getting updates? Make sure you join our Climate Justice Committee Signal Chat, where Eric will be posting readings and details on upcoming meetups —

Thank you!

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