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Join DSA-LA’s Prison Abolition committee in supporting BLM-LA Defund LAPD Action that will be hosted every Wednesday at 3:00 pm. Don’t walk by yourself if possible. Be disciplined about moving together. Bring water, sunscreen, masks, hand sanitizer. Wear, red, DSA buttons or caps, union gear. It is recommended to not bring children and babies.

The rally will be broadcast on Instagram Live. Prison Abolition committee endorsed hashtag #EndPoliceAssociations and #DefundLAPD. If you are making a sign, some good slogans are: Fund Services Not Police; Defund the Police; Fuck Garcetti ; Fire Toni McBride; Toni McBride killed Daniel Hernandez; Police Associations are Not Unions; Reimagine Public Safety.   If you are in a neighborhood committee nearby, please consider coming as a group and assigning folks to attend each week.

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