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Please join us for our discussion of a Lecture and Two Essays about Latin America.

From Marta Harnecker, we have a lecture: Reading Marx’s ‘Capital’ today – Lessons from Latin America and an essay: Latin America & Twenty-First Century Socialism: Inventing to Avoid Mistakes. In these, Harnecker talks about Twenty-First Century Socialism, the contributions of Marx and Engels, and how important democracy is to making it work.

From the EZLN, we have the essay A Zapatista Response to “The EZLN Is NOT Anarchist”. In it, they confirm they are indeed not anarchist, or communist, but rather “We are people trying to take control of our lives and reclaim a dignity that was stolen from us the moment Cortes came to power.” What’s more important, the label or the content it represents?

A collaborative doc with the text we’ll be discussing, and Zoom connection information is provided. Please RSVP for access.

The discussion group is open to all, including DSA members outside of the San Fernando Valley and non-DSA members.

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