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Meeting in collaboration with our comrades from DSA Long Beach Chapter in support of Fatima Iqbal-Zubair’s quest for the 65th State Assembly Seat. RSVP for Zoom Link
lets get orgainizewd! working group meeting fatima mondays 7pm zoom. with DSA logosRSVP PAGE HERE

At the moment that both our respective Chapters had voted Yes to endorse Fatima Iqbal-Zubair, we were tied together upon a great journey, a journey that will take us from the shores of Wilmington to the avenues of Watts, through the gates of Harbor Gateway and into the gardens of Gardena. There will be laughter, there will be countless doors and calls, and there will be many many conversations. But, as surely as the rise of the morning sun, if we work together, there will be victory. Victory not just for Fatima Iqubal-Zubair in the sixty-fifth state assembly district, but a small victory for Democratic Socialism itself, and thus, for us all.

Fatima Iqbal-Zubair is an excellent candidate, a member in good standing and regular attendee of meetings at both DSA-Long Beach and DSA-LA, and a dedicated organizer for working class interests. Fatima’s district is a site of great class conflict and offers a significant opportunity for developing not just working class power, but a more just vision for the future for all marginalized peoples under capitalism. With the power our dual chapter support, Fatima can secure a seat in the state assembly and give voice to working class demands.

Some of you might not yet know Fatima. Fatima is a teacher of mathematics, science, and competitive robotics at Jordan High School in Watts. (Disney+ just released a feature length documentary about competitive robotics teams in which Fatima and her students are featured.) As a teacher, she began at a charter school, and came to a socialist politics through exposure to the inequities of our education system, the racism of environmental, housing, and public service policies in South LA, and the Bernie Sanders campaign (Bernie has endorsed Fatima and they appeared on a live stream together). She has been a remarkable and unrelenting advocate for her students and highly successful in helping them pursue higher education. This commitment extends more generally to advocating and organizing for working class interests beyond her own district.

It is important to remember that a DSA chapter endorsement means action, not just words! NOW is the time to activate ourselves to not only get involved with the campaign, but help lead it to victory! The best way to start would be to RSVP for this working group meeting!

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