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DSA-LA presents conversations with rank-and-file DSA members who were elected Bernie delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

Watch the event at this link on the DSA-LA Youtube Channel.

Milwaukee’s Sewer Socialists – The history of Milwaukee when socialists ran the city, presented by Ian Gunther (MKE DSA).

Bernie Delegates Recall 2016 and 2020 – Michelle Ching, Jeanna Harris, and Zenaida Heurta (all DSA-LA) compare experiences from the 2016 Philadelphia DNC to this year’s convention.

Abolish ICE – Raquel Rojo (DSA El Chuco/El Paso), Janet Hurtado (DSA-LA), and Sebasitan Cazares (DSA-LA) on the intersections of capitalism and state violence against immigrants.

A Conversation with US Senate Candidate Marquita Bradshaw (TN) – Memphis-Midsouth DSA co-chairs and Bernie Sanders delegates, Jan Lentz and Michaelantonio Jones sit down with DSA-endorsed, US Senate candidate Marquita Bradshaw to discuss how she scored a major upset in the recent Tennessee Senate primary and how her campaign is planning to win on November 3rd.

Young DSA Bernie Delegates – Nina Baldwin (DSA Orange County), Aaron Booes (Austin DSA), Sebastian Cazares (DSA-LA), Zenaida Huerta (DSA-LA), and Italo Medelius (NC Piedmont DSA) on how they are organizing for a Democratic Socialist future.

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