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Hollywood likes to present itself as a dream factory, but a factory is still a factory. Without us, this industry couldn't exist. We are in a moment of the major revitalization of the labor movement in the entertainment industry – and an inflection point. We are finally recognizing our ability to fight for change - but we must keep building community power to get it done.

It is why we are so excited to get Hugo Soto-Martinez elected to Los Angeles City Council. Hugo's candidacy is an incredible opportunity to elect a longtime socialist union organizer and core chapter member. If you've been to Hollywood Labor events, you've seen Hugo supporting our work. Now's our time to have his back.

That's why we're excited to host our General Election Hollywood Labor for Hugo fundraiser. Hugo's up against an incumbent who raises millions of donation dollars from the ultra-rich, the landlords, the bosses and real estate companies. The only way we're going to be able to keep up is if each of us chips in what we can.

Please join us in Silverlake to hear from Hugo, other entertainment industry workers and organizers, to learn how you can contribute to the fight for community power. You'll also to get to meet other entertainment industry workers and build connections and solidarity. It's going to be a lot of fun! (Location TBA: RSVP now and you'll get the address in advance of the event!)

If you can, we ask that you donate $18 in advance to the event. Due to LA’s Matching Funds program, all local donations (from residents of Los Angeles) are matched with public funding with a 6:1 return. That means if you donate $18 right now, the campaign will actually receive a total of $108 to spend to help get out the vote. Every dollar helps.

Hollywood Labor is a subcommittee of DSA-LA's Labor Committee, comprised of workers who currently make their living in the entertainment industry, our membership includes rank and file union members and unrepresented workers, freelancers, actors, writers, editors, technicians and directors.

Hollywood Labor organizes events that address industry issues and workers’ needs, and aims to fight workplace injustice through education, organizing, and advocating to shift industry standards and workplace policy throughout Hollywood.

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