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Join the Inaugural Climate Equity LA Series!

DATES: 3/3 • 3/10 • 3/17 • 3/24. Thursdays, 6:00 – 8:00 PM

DSA-LA Climate Justice Committee is thrilled to invite you to join the Climate Emergency Mobilization Office (CEMO), for their Inaugural Climate Equity LA Virtual Workshop Series. One of the main goals at the CEMO is to advance equity in the City of Los Angeles’ climate and energy policies so that environmental justice and other vulnerable communities benefit and thrive from our transition to a sustainable economy. Without including all communities, we won’t solve the climate crisis. All of us must be part of the solution.

Through a series of virtual Workshops beginning with the Launch Event on Thursday, March 3rd, 2022, they will explore how current and proposed City policies will impact health, jobs, affordable housing, and the climate crisis with participants from across the City of Los Angeles, especially those in frontline communities.

The goals of the Climate Equity LA Virtual Workshop Series are:

  • Innovate stakeholder engagement and provide an understanding of proposed city energy/climate policies for community members, CBOs, and other stakeholders so that they can make informed decisions and recommendations to the City and the Climate Emergency Mobilization Commission.
  • Share pertinent information from city/community/academic/other experts on key issues/gaps to address proposed climate policies.
  • Produce findings and recommendations to the Climate Emergency Mobilization Commission which will advise the Mayor, City Council, and relevant City agencies.

In this 3 part series, the Climate Emergency Mobilization Office (CEMO) will explore the need for equitable climate policies that address health, jobs, affordable housing, and the climate crisis with community participants from the City of Los Angeles. The Climate Crisis is a threat on many levels and a public health emergency. The well-being of millions has been harmed and we know there has been a greater burden on communities that have been historically neglected. Let’s work together to prevent further harm and co-create resilient, thriving communities for all. 

Part I will focus on Equitable Building Decarbonization. Part II will focus on Community Climate Resilience in April 2022, and Part III will focus on Climate Equity Metrics and Policy in May 2022. 

Please register now for Part I in March 2022, as space is limited. Register here:

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