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In 1947, after refusing to cooperate with Congress’ House of Un-American Activities Committee by testifying on their involvement in the CPUSA, the artists who would become known as The Hollywood Ten were blacklisted from the industry. A purge of communist sympathizers, union organizers, and other left radicals quickly followed.

Seven years later, member of the Hollywood Ten Herbert J. Biberman directed Salt of the Earth. Based off of an actual 1951 miners’ strike against Empire Zinc Company in New Mexico, it was one of the few independent endeavors in the studio era, highlighting the struggles of Mexican Americans, women, and labor.

The Political Education Committee invites you a screening and brief discussion of the film on Friday, August 7 in anticipation of our upcoming class Lost Angles Part 3: Red Hollywood. RSVP for the link to join, to be sent in advance of the event.

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