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The Mutual Aid Book Club is moving on in our series on Alienation. In transition between Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher and leading into Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg we will be discussing an Article in Harbinger Journal written by Lateef McLeod, ‘Social Ecology and Disability Justice: Making A New Society‘ as well as McLeod’s appearance on the Srsly Wrong Podcast, Episode 244 – Disability Justice. The first explores commonalities between Social Ecology and Disability Justice in their respective visions for liberation, focusing on the shared components of anti-capitalist critique, mutual aid or interdependence, and ecological sustainability, ultimately to illustrate how these two movements can align to build a more just, egalitarian, and ecologically sustainable world. The second expands on these themes in an entertaining audio format, which explores why accessibility is important for everyone, and how Capitalism systemically reduces us to our labour power, denying our wholeness as human beings.

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The Mutual Aid Book Club meets on the first and third Tuesday of every month.

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