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A header image for Mutual Aid's Rules and Roberts training for parliamentary democracy; the very cool, Dungeons-and-Dragons-inspired image contains an asterisk in the shape of a dragon. The banner proclaims "a parliamentary procedure training... in RPG form!"
The Mutual Aid Committee is proud to announce our new parliamentary decision-making training, based on Paolo Pedercini’s RULES AND ROBERTS, a democratic role-playing game for 3-3000 people that uses Robert’s Rules of Order as its base. This 3-hour campaign will give you a fun, fresh, and enjoyable introduction to the sometimes-confusing system of parliamentary process that we use both in the Mutual Aid Committee, and in DSA-LA in general.

If you’re interested in participating, please make sure to check out the rulebook here, and fill out the (quick!) character sheet, to prepare for your JOURNEY into the LAND of PARLIAMENTARY FANTASY, which RESEMBLES but is LEGALLY DISTINCT FROM other POPULAR ROLE-PLAYING GAMES.

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