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Organizing for working class power beyond the election

DSA is launching a campaign in November and December to establish Neighborhood Meetings all across Los Angeles; introducing a new way for members of the working class in our region to build anti-capitalist community and to organize for power in our daily lives.

All DSA members are invited to attend to learn about how to create or support a meeting in your neighborhood, and to learn about our plans to use these spaces to promote:

  • Tenant Organizing
  • Mutual Aid
  • Political Education
  • Direct Action Planning
  • Recruitment


As a response to the COVID 19 Pandemic in March, DSA LA started connecting our members to each other on a super-local level, promoting neighborhood solidarity. In July, we made significant steps to develop systems and tools to empower and train neighborhood organizers, developing an understanding of neighborhoods as sub-sections of our geographic branches.

Now, with a mandate from our membership, who passed a resolution prioritizing neighborhood organizing at our recent convention, we are creating tools for members to host Neighborhood Meetings; a new space to connect, learn from each other, and fight for a more just society.

All interested members are invited to attend this Neighborhood Meetings Campaign Kickoff Event

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