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New and long-time comrades who live in Palms & Culver City are invited to our
very first Neighborhood Meeting. These meetings are part of DSA-LA’s Neighborhood Solidarity Program—our chapter’s campaign to strengthen and grow socialist organization by uniting with our neighbors through tenant organizing, mutual aid work, and political study. 

This first meeting will have dedicated time to discuss and learn about opportunities for hyperlocal organizing efforts in Palms & Culver City and how this work can connect to the ambitious Neighborhood Solidarity Program demands to cancel rent and expand economic relief in the midst of crisis.

This and all future Neighborhood Meetings will be organized to engage all comrades in the Neighborhood Solidarity Program in tangible ways that build solidarity with our neighbors by: 

  • building organizing around rent, habitability, and housing justice issues;
  • addressing immediate needs through mutual aid work (e.g. shared child watch, accessing government benefits, maintaining power-up and hand-washing stations in coordination with Street Watch, etc.); and
  • engaging in regular political study and consciousness-raising.

Totaling ~20 pages, the following set of recommended excerpts and articles provide a foundation for discussion on social strategy in the electoral arena.

  • 5-page excerpt from The Crises of Labor and the Left in the United States, by Mark Dudzic & Adolf Reed (Socialist Register,  2015);  After providing a brief overview of the neoliberal elimination of working class opposition, this excerpt details the 1990s effort to establish a labour-based political movement  independent  of  the  Democratic Party.

  • 6-page excerpt from The Democratic Party Cul-de-sac (Chapter Nine from On New Terrain: How Capital is Reshaping the Battleground of Class War), by Kim Moody (Haymarket Books, 2017); A brief overview of the institutional barriers to change within the Democratic Party and the author’s argument that “it is precisely its ability to attract and absorb the leaders and activists of social movements and organized labor that makes it, as some of us still insist, “the graveyard of social movements.””

  • It’s Party Time: DSA and Post-Realignment Electoral Strategy (~10 pages, in full) by David Duhalde (DSA Socialist Forum, 2019); Published on a DSA forum, this author argues that DSA electoral activists should begin to build an organized democratic socialist faction within party structures across the country.”

If you have questions about whether or not this is your Neighborhood – email us at  westside@dsa-la.org and we’ll get back to you right away. 🌹

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