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What’s happening in Ukraine and what can socialists do about it?

DSA-LA is organizing a panel discussion on Sunday, March 13th at 2pm via Zoom with local and national DSA members who have ties to the region. We will discuss the anti-war efforts in Russia, grassroots evacuation networks in Ukraine, as well as various left perspectives from the region on the war, imperialism, and the global position of Eastern Europe.

Our participants from Los Angeles include Clare Lemlich, program director at Yiddishkayt who recently returned from Ukraine and Anatoli Ulyanov, a Ukranian journalist, visual artist, and documentarian based in our city. From New York, we will be joined by Joanna Mieleszko, a Polish mezzosoprano and program director of Ukrainian Village Voices, as well as Alex Gendler, a Ukrainian-immigrant writer and editor who writes about political theory, history and internet culture. We will also share the DSA’s statement and social media toolkit on the war. The discussion will be moderated by Miloš Jovanović, assistant professor of East European history and urban studies at UCLA.

We are also co-sponsoring an in-person fundraiser at the Workers’ Circle (Pico-Robinson), starting at 4pm. Solidarity funds will go to civilians impacted by the war, for refugee solidarity efforts, and networks working with vulnerable trans and POC migrants. You can learn more or donate online at this link.

At the Workers’ Circle, we will share statements from the Russian anti-war movement, hear updates from grassroots refugee evacuation efforts and academic workers at risk campaign. Come for Ukrainian and East European food (varenyky!) ! Stay for Ukrainian, Russian and Yiddish poetry! Solidarity, against war!


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