Dear comrades,

It’s been about a month since our Local Convention in October, and Steering is excited to announce the campaign implementation plans for our three priority resolutions. Keep reading to learn how to get involved!

This post has a lot of information, so here’s the headlines.

  • We’re launching working groups to run the 3 projects pictured below.
  • There’s a kickoff event next Tuesday at 7:30 pm where you can learn more.
  • You can also register your interest in helping with any of the campaigns in the meantime.

Thanks for reading, and keep scrolling to get all the details!


Green New Deal For Public Schools, Los Angeles
Childcare For All
The DSA-LA Organizing Institute

Campaign working groups

Priority resolution implementation will be guided by specific Campaign Working Groups that Steering Committee will form and oversee (based on the guidelines of the resolution text). They will tie together other relevant bodies in the chapter and make sure that work is getting done.

Note — The “Childcare for All” Campaign resolution already described some details around implementation. Wherever that is the case, the text supercedes this standard model – because the entire membership voted on the text of the resolution.

Working Groups will meet every two weeks to develop the campaign strategy, create workplans, assess implementation, gather lessons learned, and document the process to inform future campaigns. Meetings and work will be organized by elected Co-Chairs. The Campaigns Coordinator will attend these meetings as the Steering liaison and to provide coordination support, while representatives from branches and committees will be invited to meetings as needed to provide technical knowledge (e.g. local organizing conditions).

WG meetings will not be posted on the public calendar. Instead, Chapter meetings and other special forums will provide regular, public, opportunities for members to hear reports, share input, and learn how to get involved. We want to make sure that Chapter Meetings are reaffirmed as valuable spaces for information sharing, and that members don’t need to go to extra meetings just to stay in the loop. Keep reading to learn how to get involved with the Working Groups directly!


Come to the chapterwide kickoff event!

Steering will be hosting a meeting on Tuesday, 16 November from 7:30 – 9:00PM for members interested in being part of a Working Group. Members will have the opportunity to learn more about each of the priority resolutions directly from the resolution authors, learn more about what it means to be part of a Working Group, and gain some hands-on organizing skills through a capacity building training so that we can all collectively prepare to carry forward new priority resolutions.  

This meeting will take place of the regular open Steering meetings.  

Click here to RSVP for the meeting!

How to get involved

All members interested in joining a Campaign Working Group (WG) or getting involved in ANY capacity should fill out an interest form (linked below) to register their level of desired involvement. Steering will convene and facilitate the first meeting, oversee Co-Chair elections for the WG, and fill out the following, additional roles:

We are hopeful that WG composition will be finalized by the end of the month to ensure that strategy development can begin while the chapter elects new Steering, branch, and committee leadership in December and January, while ensuring that resolution implementation is not hampered by leadership transitions. 

Click below to fill out the application/interest form for any of the resolutions you want to get involved with!

Solidarity, and see you on Tuesday!

-Steering Committee