DSA is a great space to learn new ideas and skills. You don’t need previous experience organizing or in politics. And you’ll be surprised by how much you already know from living under capitalism. We all know the stress of rising rents, the fear of an expensive medical bill, the feeling of alienation at work. We’ve all seen what racism, patriarchy, and imperialism at home and abroad has done to our communities. We need all kinds of skills in our movement. We need people to read, write, teach, analyze, debate, carpool, make calls, take to the streets, provide child watch, bring snacks, make banners, design spreadsheets and everything in between. All that’s necessary is a willingness to show up and work democratically. We hope you’ll join us!

How to get started

DSA-LA survives and thrives because it is a deeply participatory organization. One of the most powerful parts of organizing with DSA is that you aren’t working for your boss or volunteering for a distant politician who will never know your name. The work we do is for others and for ourselves. We build our communities, economy, and society together. So come join us! Do something!

The top two things we recommend for all new members are attend a DSA 101, and join the Neighborhood Solidarity Network. DSA 101 is a two-hour presentation and discussion about what DSA is, our structure, theory of change and politics, and how to be more involved.

Here are few things we recommend for new members. You can find all of these and more on our site’s calendar.

  • Do the work! Attend a canvas, phone-bank, or picket line/protest support. We provide training and guidance!
  • Get educated! Attend any class or other educational event. Never stop learning!
  • Be social! Neighborhood hangouts happen all across Los Angeles on the third Tuesday of every month. At these hangouts we discuss chapter work, as well as work we can accomplish in our local regions and neighborhoods. These are relaxed events and are great places to ask questions or just hang out with like-minded folks. We also have other social events such as Beers for Bernie and debate watch parties.