California should be leading the way in progressive politics, but we’re not. Some of our comrades have tried to change that. In odd-numbered years, they’ve run for leadership in the California Democratic Party through ADEM (Assembly District Election Meeting) delegate, and ADEMs are coming up again in January of 2023! The 300 ADEM delegates in LA County help decide if the Democratic Party will endorse (and spend its resources on) corporate hacks or socialists.

In general, DSA avoids dedicating significant socialist time and energy towards the internals of the Democratic Party. However, being an ADEM delegate as a democratic socialist, particularly during competitive state legislative special elections, is one way members can contribute to advancing working class politics.

For these elections, DSA-LA will collect the names and contact information for members running for ADEM seats, and will help members running as ADEMs contact each other so they can self-organize to campaign. The chapter will not be running major centralized GOTV operations, or support specific slates.

If you:

  1. Are a DSA member in good standing
  2. Running for ADEM delegate ( register at and check your Assembly District at WeDrawTheLines )
  3. Pledge to vote with DSA’s endorsements in the case of a vote on the CDP endorsement.

Please fill out this form to be listed as a democratic socialist ADEMs candidate. Please note: DSA-LA is not endorsing any candidates or slates, though we anticipate members will run on slates together. All DSA-LA members in good standing, regardless of slate affiliation, will be listed on our candidate list.