The 2018 DSA-LA Annual Convention passed the “Building DSA-LA Across All Los Angeles County” chapter resolution, formally establishing “branches” as a new entity within the chapter. Since then, our chapter has established the Central, Westside, and San Fernando Valley Branches to advance our collective goal of building an independent, socialist political bloc that represents the full diversity of LA County.

In practice, this has meant hosting branch meetings; facilitating regional committee work; and organizing chapter-wide work in all three branches. A lot of this is possible because of Branch Coordinators. They are responsible for ensuring that branch meetings occur, facilitating relationship-building among branch members, and engaging in geography-focused recruitment, among other things.

One Branch Coordinator position is open in the San Fernando Valley branch. We are asking our members to consider supporting the work of expanding and developing our organization’s structure by applying to become an San Fernando Valley Branch Co-Coordinator.

For reference, here is the branching policy:


Apply here: