The DSA-LA Organizing Institute

In order to realize our goals for a socialist agenda, DSA must be an organization of organizers. But we currently lack the educational structure our members need to grow into the organizers our work requires. We lack intentional leadership development. Many highly-capable people join the organization and find themselves in a sink or swim environment, where they are not given the support they need to thrive. This especially impacts POC members, who must contend with many other social & systemic obstacles that limit their ability to deal with the stress of attempting to lead without training and support.

In its 2021 local convention, our chapter voted for the establishment of the DSA-LA Organizing Institute, in alignment with the national Institute to be devised by the Multiracial Organizing Committee (MROC) – a body established at the 2021 national convention through the passage of Resolution 31, “Making DSA a Multiracial and Anti-racist Organization” – with the explicit direction that the institute should be a way for members, prioritizing members of color, to develop leadership skills and experience in the organization.