Towards a California State Organization: Resolution Status Update 2


We wanted to provide an update on DSA-LA’s member-led initiative to create a formal body of California DSA chapters that was approved by the Steering Committee in early November.

With the help of a team comprised of six DSA-LA members and two Steering Committee representatives, our chapter coordinated an initial meeting on December 5th by reaching out to all current California DSA chapters and organizing committees. The meeting was planned and facilitated by a team of comrades from chapters of various sizes across the state, and included a brief history of statewide DSA organizing efforts, a high-level overview of a proposed CA DSA structure and bylaws, and discussion sections for input and ideas. In total, 17 California DSA chapters and OCs attended this initial exploratory meeting, as well as our Regional Organizer. 

Chapters and OCs in attendance at the December 5th meeting agreed to select one member to represent them on the newly-formed CA DSA Exploratory Committee, which is a transitional democratic body tasked with preparing and voting on high-level bylaws for a future statewide organization. 21 chapters and organizing committees across the state sent representatives to the first meeting of the CA DSA Exploratory Committee, which was held on Saturday, December 12th. 

Moving forward, the Exploratory Committee will be working toward drafting sample bylaws, securing sign ons from a super-majority of California DSA chapters, and submitting them to the DSA National Political Committee in order to charter the organization. If you would like to submit feedback, ideas, or opinions on what shape this state organization should take, you can do so here.

As the year draws to a close we are grateful for all the groundwork that’s been laid toward creating a future California DSA body, and look forward to strong statewide organizing in 2021 and onward.


DSA-LA’s Steering Committee