This post is offered as an update to the Los Angeles chapter regarding a proposal that the Steering Committee received from membership in early November to initiate the creation of a formal statewide network of California DSA chapters. The resolution garnered over 90 signatories and tasked DSA-LA’s Steering Committee with the following:

  • Appoint representatives to communicate with members in leadership positions in DSA chapters throughout the state with the intent of creating a DSA CA State organization that will be accountable to broader membership in selecting and coordinating statewide campaigns
  • Coordinate a meeting between the official leadership of respective chapters interested in participating in the creation of a DSA CA State organization
  • Support the development of bylaws for a DSA CA State organization that codify fair and proportional representation to allow smaller chapters meaningful influence

DSA-LA’s Steering Committee voted to approve the resolution at our November 11 Steering Committee meeting, and has appointed a core team of six DSA-LA members, including two Steering Committee members, to liaise with and move this initiative forward, including several members who were directly involved in recent statewide California DSA organizing projects. We have called a meeting with confirmed representatives appointed by over 15 California DSA chapters on December 5th, to begin discussing and coalescing around a shared vision for an effective, democratic, and accountable statewide organization.

Coming out of that high-level discussion, with the support of chapter leaders across the state, we intend to draft sample bylaws, secure sign on from a super-majority of California DSA chapters, and submit them to the DSA National Political Committee in order to charter the organization. If you would like to submit feedback, ideas, or opinions on what shape this state organization should take, you can do so here.

As DSA’s membership and influence continues to grow, we are excited by the prospect of strengthening ties to our comrades in other chapters in the state, and look forward to the creation of a lasting group that can democratically and strategically take on the urgent issues facing us all. A better – and more united – California is possible!


DSA-LA’s Steering Committee