DSA-LA’s November 2024 Candidate Endorsements! 

DSA-LA endorsements are not just a logo on a mailer. When DSA-LA endorses a campaign, that means we are going to put in work in by volunteering countless hours organizing canvasses, phone banks, doing research, making content for social media, and more. Our chapter is excited to endorse a slate of candidates running for office in Los Angeles this November who are committed towards building an LA that works for the working class! But we can’t win without your help – so get involved today.

Los Angeles City Council

Ysabel Jurado for District 14

Ysabel Jurado is a tenants rights lawyer running for LA City Council District 14. Born and raised in Highland Park, she’s spent her career fighting to protect her community and the people who live in it. Ysabel is taking those values with her to city hall and is not accepting corporate money during her run for city council.

Ysabel is an active DSA member and is aligned with our policies and priorities, she’s also an advocate for co-governance. Her expertise in housing will be crucial in navigating a system that has left so many working class Angelenos behind. She’s up against establishment democrats who are cut from the same cloth as past corrupt leadership. Electing Ysabel is critical to expanding our electoral power and breathing new life into our socialist movement. Sign up here to get involved with our DSA-LA for Ysabel campaign working group! 

Los Angeles Unified School District Board

Karla Griego for District 5

Karla Griego has been a UTLA educator and a fighter for public education in Los Angeles for 19 years. She is a mother, an immigrant from El Salvador, LAUSD alumni, parent of LAUSD students, special education teacher, union organizer, and students’ rights activist. Karla is running for the soon-to-be vacated LAUSD School Board seat in Board District 5. Karla has worked with many vulnerable populations in LAUSD throughout her career, teaching special education and elementary, middle and high school. Throughout her tenure, she has collaborated with parents to transform and bring resources to underfunded schools. Karla was an elected leader of UTLA organizing and leading the North Area during UTLA’s historic 2019 strike.

As a UTLA member, Karla also walked the picket lines in 2023 to fight for working and learning conditions that students, educators, school staff, and communities deserve. During 2023’s solidarity strike with SEIU 99, Karla recognized the increasing possibilities for workers to take bold action together to stand up against workplace exploitation, inequity, and disrespect. The movement for social justice, economic justice, and dignity in the workplace has increased the collective consciousness of Los Angeles. A bold labor organizer and social justice activist is essential to transforming our schools to serve the diverse working-class families of Los Angeles. Sign up here to get involved with our DSA-LA for Karla campaign working group!