Run For Office!

As socialists, we aren’t just here to make a lot of noise or prove a point, we’re here to win. That’s why we’re committed to developing the next generation of leaders who are prepared to run winning campaigns and take power for the working class.

If you’ve ever thought about running for office, you’ve come to the right place. DSA members are building organizing skills, relationships with the community, policy expertise, and a movement that connects with voters.

The most successful socialist electoral campaigns across the country often come from working in coalition with other organizations and community groups, especially organized labor. But as socialists, we have our own analysis and program. We don’t just want to get behind charismatic leaders, we want to develop disciplined candidates who we know will be accountable to our members and their communities.

Get involved with one of our existing campaigns, check out our calendar for opportunities to show up and learn, and contact our Electoral Committee if you’re interested in learning more!

If you are already a candidate seeking DSA-LA’s endorsement, you can learn more about that process here.