Neighborhood Solidarity Program by DSA-LA


Join your neighbors to fight for the resources we need to survive this crisis. 

Find Your Neighborhood Meeting

We can’t win our ambitious demands to cancel rent and expand government relief during this crisis on our own. That’s why we’re training members across the LA region to be neighborhood organizers! 

This type of work isn’t just for professionals or activists. It’s for anyone who wants to make the world a better place and is willing to spend at least a couple hours a month building comradely relationships.

As a neighborhood organizer, you will:

  • Talk to your neighbors about how they’ve been impacted by the pandemic
  • Lead neighborhood group meetings around mutual aid, political study, and tenant organizing with DSA members and non-DSA neighbors
  • Collaborate with other other neighborhood organizers on shared projects in your area!

Become a Neighborhood Organizer!

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