Caucus is a term used in DSA (both locally and nationally) to refer to self-selecting groups of members who choose to privately organize “to promote an agreed-upon cause.” [Merriam Webster definition]

Caucuses are not official bodies of the chapter, members are free to caucus, so long as they adhere to the bylaws and the chapter’s mission statement.

What do the bylaws say about Caucuses?

From Article VI. Section 6: “The Local may formally recognize non-deliberative and auxiliary groups that are aligned with the purposes of the organization but which are not subsidiary bodies of DSA Los Angeles. These may include… caucuses in the Local. Terms, criteria and procedures for granting privileges or recognition to non-deliberative and auxiliary groups, including speaking time at meetings, exhibition space at meetings, written or online promotion or endorsement, financial support and other types of formal recognition, will be determined in the Standing Rules, Policies and Procedures of the Local and subject to these Bylaws.

As of this writing, the referred to “Standing Rules, Policies and Procedures of the Local” has not been written, so there are no additional restrictions or rules regarding caucus organizing. Members in caucuses looking for resources, support, or direction for any project may petition Steering Committee.