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Mission Statement

The Climate Justice Committee of DSA-LA recognizes the current moment as an historical apex; one that must end with the dismantling of capitalism as well as the reconstitution of society and its relationship to the Earth. In our dedication to a politics that places people and the planet before profit, the Climate Justice Committee of DSA-LA will work to agitate, educate and organize on the local, state and national levels for an ecosocialist future in which democracy and equity are united with sustainability.


Democratization of the Commons

We hold that land use and resource decisions should be democratically decided. We advocate for an urbanism based on human need rather than profit.

To best combat runaway ecological forces unleashed by man-made climate change, we will work for an immediate transition from fossil fuels to non-polluting renewable energy sources.

We will fight to transfer the means of energy production from private hands to local communities, which will democratically decide how best to utilize commonly-owned resources.

Environmental Justice

We hold that capitalism’s exploitative nature disproportionately impacts communities of color. We will work in solidarity with other anti-oppressive, liberatory grassroots movements for the collective reimagining of our society.

Just Transition

The transition to a sustainable future must prioritize the security of workers and their communities. For this reason we advocate for a “Just Transition,” in which workers receive training and maintain their living standards throughout the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy resources, new jobs and livelihoods.

We advocate production for use, not for profit, to ensure social justice and equity in relationship with each other and the planet.

Climate Debt

We hold that industrialized capitalism bears a historical responsibility for the destabilization of the climate. Accordingly, we advocate for the redistribution of resources and technology from those responsible for climate change to those vulnerable to its effects.


We will develop educational partnerships with working groups and committees within DSA-LA and the broader Los Angeles political left to further the goals of local, state, national and international ecosocialism.

Join the Climate Justice Committee!