Join DSA-LA in electing Hugo Soto-Martinez to Los Angeles City Council!

DSA-LA endorsed our chapter comrade, Hugo Soto-Martinez for Los Angeles City Council District 13 because Hugo is a socialist, a union organizer, and he’s fighting to make a Los Angeles for all! The Hugo Soto-Martinez campaign for City Council offers an incredible opportunity for DSA Los Angeles: to accelerate the leftward shift in Los Angeles city politics that began in 2020; to elect a longtime socialist union organizer and core chapter member; to activate hundreds of our members in a diverse, renter-heavy district; and to keep building coalition with labor, environmental, and broad social justice campaigns across Los Angeles.

That’s why DSA-LA is running a socialist election campaign to support him. We want to get Hugo elected, build chapter capacity and membership, train new organizers and leaders, and bring more socialists together to tax the rich and build a Los Angeles for everyone! Join us! Sign up here.

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