How To: Ballot Delivery

  1. Confirm strong candidate support
    • If voting for other candidate, thank them and move on.
  2. “Have you received your ballot already?”
    • Great, Will you find it?
  3. Will you vote now?
    • Ask at least 3 times.
    • “X candidate is in line with all the values in our voter guide and we need your help to change this city”
    • “I want to make sure that your ballot doesn’t get lost in the mail or in the city bureaucracy. If we fill it out together right now, there’s an official place to sign it over to me and I can bring it to the city directly either today or first thing tomorrow morning.”
  4. Once you have successfully filled out the ballot using our voter guide, please ensure you place all of the ballot pages in the envelope provided.
  5. Have the voter fill out the red box on the right side with their signature, date and the voter’s address. YOU will fill out the top portion with your signature, name and under relationship to the voter write “Volunteer”

Once you’ve collected the ballot:

Congratulations! We are one step closer to ensuring we change LA for the better!

•If you are canvassing with DSA-LA, take the sealed and filled out envelope and leave it with the lead(s) at the end of your canvassing shift.

• If you collected it on your own or with a different non-DSA-LA sponsored canvass, please drop off at your nearest post office or nearest ballot box: