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Self-nominations for 2023 subgroup committee leadership positions are now open!

You can nominate yourself using this form.
The following subgroups will be electing chairs and coordinators:

Climate Justice Committee 2 Chairs, 2 Coordinators
Electoral Committee

5 Members

Healthcare Justice Committee

2 Chairs, 2 Coordinators

Housing & Homelessness Committee

2 Chairs, 2 Coordinators

Immigration Justice Committee

2 Chairs, 2 Coordinators

Labor Committee

2 Chairs, 2 Coordinators

Mutual Aid Committee

X Chairs, X Coordinators, X Administrators (9 max)

Political Education Committee

2 Chairs, 2 Coordinators

Committee Chairs are responsible for formulating agendas and facilitating regular meetings. They help maintain focus and move forward on the program and priorities that were established by the committee.

Committee Coordinators are responsible for staying updated on ongoing work and opportunities to collaborate and share resources across DSA-LA’s internal resource and issue-based committees.

The deadline to apply is Saturday, January 14th at 11:59pm PST.

Ballots will be distributed to the entirety of DSA-LA chapter membership the week of January 16th.

Voting will close on Monday, January 23rd at 11:59pm. Results will be announced the following day after votes have been counted.

Please note: only members in good standing can run for these positions, so please make sure your dues are up to date!

As always, please send your questions to [email protected]!

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