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The holidays, like capitalism, are full of unsolvable contradictions. Instead of lamenting another holiday season within the confines of capitalist realism, how can we use these rare opportunities in spaces rife for dialectical engagement to help us organize around our shared values and disarm people to a socialist worldview? How can we find ways to persuasively communicate our popular politics?

This holiday event presented by the DSA-LA Political Education Committee will help prepare us for these kinds of tough political conversations outside of our daily bubbles through study of relational organizing, 1-on-1 discussions, and larger campaign-focused communication strategies as we make strides towards our New Year’s Priority Resolutions.

Come for a lighthearted and informal session featuring a short presentation and facilitated group discussions. This event is open to all and you don’t need any prior knowledge or organizing experience. If you’ve never been to a PolEd event before or want to bring a DSA-curious friend, this is a good place for new members start!

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