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Come knock doors and let voters in Los Feliz know about Nithya Raman’s campaign for re-election to City Council! No experience required as training will be offered before we start. All you need is a willingness to meet fellow Angelenos and talk to them about their issues and explain why Nithya is the best choice to continue representing the district!

DSA is hosting this canvass, and we’ll go get lunch and socialize afterward. Come join us!

Why has Hugo Soto Martinez called this the “most important” race in Los Angeles this election cycle?

Nithya Raman has been a strong leader on housing, homelessness, immigrant and worker rights and many other issues that DSA members care about during her first term on City Council. However, the city’s right wing interests have come together to support a well-resourced challenger. They are explicitly targeting Nithya because of her connection to DSA and the challenge she represents to their status quo.

As DSA looks at expanding elected representation in other races, it’s important for us to defend the progress we’ve already made. Let’s show up and make sure our neighbors in Los Feliz knows about the upcoming election and commit to voting for Nithya!

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