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Didn’t get an invite to the Dolby Theatre this year? Neither did we. But you’ve got an invite to the actual best party in town: DSA-LA’s Hollywood Labor first-ever OSCARS WATCH PARTY!

Come join your fellow lefties and socialists for a party to watch the awards, hear from workers organizing across our industry (and beyond), and learn about the secret history of the Academy Awards (spoiler: they were designed for union-busting.) Bring your friends! Bring your co-workers! Bring your neighbors! Just don’t bring your boss!

We’ll have drinks and snacks, and there’s no cost of entry! Just get your best tuxedo, dress, or plain ol’ t-shirt and jeans, out of the closest and to the dry-cleaners, ASAP! The awards start at 5PM, but come by early because doors open at 4:30PM!

Hollywood Labor is a subcommittee of the DSA-LA Labor Committee. Comprised of workers who currently make their living in the entertainment industry, our membership includes rank and file union members and unrepresented workers, freelancers, actors, writers, editors, technicians and directors.

Hollywood Labor organizes events that address industry issues and workers’ needs, and aims to fight workplace injustice through education, organizing, and advocating to shift industry standards and workplace policy throughout Hollywood.

Follow us on Twitter at @hollywood_labor! Send us an email with any questions or comments at [email protected]!

If you’d like to get involved and in the loop, fill out our intake form! This information will be kept confidential to leadership of the subcommittee – please only include information you are comfortable with sharing

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