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Billionaires and private interests are willing to fund war overseas while they continue to tout that there’s no money for our public schools and infrastructure. In fact, as part of the neoliberal charter movement, they want to chronically underfund and privatize public goods which is why we must defend the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and its 75,000 public sector workers who serve over 600,000 students from the cycle of austerity and privatization.

This is why DSA-LA members are joining teachers, students, and parents in a campaign to win the school board for the working class with two strong candidates: Kahllid Al-Alim (Board District 1) and Karla Griego (Board District 5). They’re both LAUSD parents, union leaders, racial justice activists, and long-time fighters for the movements of working people in Los Angeles!

Billionaires and conservatives are taking advantage of the low-voter turnout in these races, attempting to take over school boards which is why we need to get on the phone and invite our fellow DSA members to canvass!

It’ll be a fun space to meet fellow socialists…all from the convenience of your home! All you need is a phone, laptop, and a willingness to participate!

NO EXPERIENCE necessary – A training and a script will be provided right before the phone banks. Even if you’re new, we’ll provide support and give you an opportunity to prep before you get on the phones!


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