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Feb 12th is the first day we can collect signatures to get Hugo on the ballot. This is an all-hands-in moment! We believe we have the power to collect hundreds of signatures in one day. But only if our comrades come out with us!

We are going to be meeting up at a central location in CD 13 (TBD), and will then knock on doors like we always do, but will also send out smaller teams all over the district to help collect signatures.

Also, if you want to help but can’t make it in the morning, that’s okay. We will have a variety of locations, shifts, etc and will plug you into a team throughout the day. Some other things you can help with are: 
  • Tabling at locations with foot traffic
  • Canvassing door to door
  • Logistics for the day

If you haven’t already, also sign up for our February 7th all-hands-in call (also on the calendar), where we’ll break down the day-of plan, among other exciting things.

COVID Protocol:

If you are feeling sick or exhibiting any of the symptoms of COVID-19 and its variants, please stay at home and rest! As we wait for this surge to subside, we will adapt our trainings to provide maximum protection for canvassers- to take care of each other and the CD13 community.

All our staff will be fully vaxxed + boosted.

Canvassers should wear a mask at all times during training and canvassing. For maximum protection, please wear a high quality mask — N95, KN95, KF94 are strongly advised. The campaign will try its best to provide these masks to you when possible, but if you are able to procure your own, please do so. We also have reusable eye protection for our volunteers, if desired.

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