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Image of the book, Braiding SweetgrassBraiding Sweetgrass looks at the intersection between biology, society, and our connection to nature, seeking to use it to heal the rifts that have been created by wide-scale social forces, unlearning our hurtful mindsets, and healing ourselves in the process. The Mutual Aid Book Club is embarking upon this journey to challenge our own internalized colonialism, seeking to ask questions while walking, and facilitate the process of learning together as comrades. To aid in this process we’ve asked for guest facilitation from the IAF-FAI, and hope that we may learn from their lived wisdom as we learn to relate to all our comrades, both on two legs and four and many, to learn new ways to know and relate to the world around us–and finding solace between them all.

For this week’s reading we’ll be finishing up the book, going over the fifth section, Burning Sweetgrass, and the epilogue. The book can be obtained digitally through Hoopla, where an audiobook is also available. If members are still having trouble obtaining a copy, feel free to reach out to mutual aid leadership at mutualaid@dsa-la.org to make sure you get a copy.

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The Mutual Aid Book Club meets on the first and third Tuesday of every month.

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