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Street Watch has exploded in growth over the past year and expanded our work in several areas, from more robust mutual aid and outreach practices to deeper organizing with unhoused communities across the County and deepening political education in our organizing spaces. We’ve doubled our membership, started new locals, and voted to pass bylaws to make our meetings more democratic and participatory. With all this growth in mind, it’s time to come together and take stock of where we’re at and how we can continue to grow and strengthen our organizing.

Join us for the first annual Street Watch retreat to reflect on our work over the past year, strategize about the upcoming year, and connect as a community. This event will be dynamic and participatory, with a keynote speaker, large group discussions, political education, activities, and more.

If you have not attended a Street Watch meeting in the past, we would recommend attending an upcoming New Member Intro or reaching out to us individually at streetwatch@dsa-la.org.

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