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Join Westside Branch organizers for a canvass to help elect a socialist to the state assembly. We’ll be meeting in the Park at 11:30 and will run through a basic training of the script before pairing comrades up to start door knocking.


  • Bring your mask! We’re not out of the woods of the pandemic yet, so even if you’re vaccinated, please bring a mask. We’ll also have extras and hand sanitizer just in case.
  • Charge your phones!
    • You will need to use your phones to navigate which doors to knock on, using our program, Universe. You will not need to download a special app for Universe — just a smartphone that has a web browser.
  • Study our conversation outline!
  • We suggest you preview our SCRIPT for the canvass — we’ll be asking voters about what issues matter to them, and want you to feel comfortable being able to tie WHATEVER you hear back to the campaign. 🙂
  • Bring a reusable water container!! We want to be sustainable as a campaign and will not be providing plastic water bottles where possible. Please bring reusable water containers that we can fill up on the spot.
  • I recommend having a canvas bag, tote, backpack, or fanny pack, or other type of bag to carry any snacks and extra materials in.
  • Be comfortable! Wear sneakers or whatever shoes are most comfortable for you to walk in. If you have a Fatima shirt, wear it 🙂

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