Most Angelenos believe that all of us, no matter where we come from, the color of our skin, or how much money we make, deserve a world class school, a good paying job and clean air and clean water.

By coming together across race and across neighborhoods, Angelenos can build a different future. Together we can build on the progress we’ve made to create world class schools that nurture our kids and keep them and their teachers safe through this pandemic. We can heal the damage done to our communities from decades of pollution and power our future with clean energy made right here in LA, all while creating thousands of good jobs and healthy neighborhoods for all our families.

We call on the LAUSD Board of Education to meet the following demands:

  1. Expeditious installation of solar panels on half of all rooftop real estate in LAUSD, approximately 30 million square feet, by 2027..

  2. Extension of LAUSD partnership with LA Metro for an additional two years to guarantee students and school staff no-cost Metro passes until June 2025.

  3. Expand Community Schools that offer community-centered green spaces, resources for expanded family/community/youth engagement, broadened curriculum, shared decision-making, and wrap-around services.

  4. Establish a robust grant program for all K-12 educators to receive training to develop and teach climate curriculum.

  5. Expeditious incremental transition to a 100% electric bus fleet. Target date of full transition 2030.

Join us as we come together to create a Green New Deal for LAUSD to build a better and stronger LA.

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This campaign was proposed via chapter priority resolution at the 2021 convention. It was then given a renewed mandate by our membership at the 2022 convention.

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