Help DSA-LA get a HQ!

A reliable in-person space will help us build a sense of community and fight for our socialist vision more effectively! Having a stable headquarters will increase our organizing capacity in multiple ways, including allowing us to host in-person/hybrid events regularly and frequently. The location decision will be voted on by members, but based on initial research into what we can afford, our primary goals include, a room for 20-30 people to meet in person for committee meetings and public events, office and storage capacities for members to print materials and work together, and a central location with nearby public transportation to support accessibility for all our members spread across the city.

Let’s Dream Big 

We’ve budgeted a baseline for whaat we’re looking for in a DSA-LA physical meeting space, but if we raise enough money, we could do much more! We could afford amenities like a large meeting space to host 100+ people for chapter-wide events, a space for childcare to welcome more parents and caregivers into DSA, a kitchenette and other amenities for the comfort of anyone using the meeting space, or a retail and storefront set up-to build community engagement through political education, mutual aid initiatives, and more! Make a recurring monthly donation today!


We won’t be able to reach any of these goals without your financial support! Our goal is to raise at least $5K in monthly, recurring contributions by the end of the year. These are not national dues (which are also important!), but direct monthly payments that go straight to our chapter. As socialists, we rely on our members to fund our needs, not big donors or other organizations. If we all contribute what we can, we can fund our dream space.



Why does DSA-LA need a physical meeting space? 

Pre-pandemic, space was DSA-LA’s largest monthly expense. Our members regularly spend hours finding rental locations that suit our needs. Having our own space would eliminate many of our administrative and logistical issues, bring members together to collaborate more often, and allow us to spend more of our time and energy on achieving our ambitious goals and strengthening our community. 

How much is it going to cost? 

Our goal of $5K/month is based on research into spaces that meet our criteria. It factors in expenses like insurance, utilities, and internet. It’s ambitious, but it is possible through collective support. If 10% of members commit $15/month, we will meet our initial goal. “From each according to their ability.” Every dollar takes us closer, but if you’re comfortable financially, please consider committing accordingly! (And the more we raise, the better the space can be!)

Will the space have ________? 

The search for DSA-LA’s perfect meeting space is just beginning. We have high ambitions for all this space can provide, but where we ultimately decide to go will be up to our budget, rental availability, and the democratic will of the membership. Before we sign a lease, our chapter will review, discuss, and vote so we can decide together what is best for our collective needs.